How To Use The F.I.R.E. Formula To

And Own The Attention Of Your Market...
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This Method Is for Entrepreneurs in

If you’re a SALES PROFESSIONAL, INFLUENCER, OR entrepreneur...

and you've been looking for a way to drive real sales results through social media....

...then I want to introduce you to The F.I.R.E. Formula. The formula works specifically for entrepreneurs and sales professionals and allows you to quickly monetize your audience, consistently generate high quality content, & start a chain reaction of growth in your business to generate more sales in less time.

F.I.R.E. stands for Frequency, Intimacy, Relevancy, and Efficiency. Watch the video below to begin learning how they work together to create "The Ignition Effect" in your business......

[ The F.I.R.E. Formula ] for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs
[ Frequency ] + [ Intimacy ] + [ Relevancy ] + [ efficiency ] = [ the ignition effect ]

How to Own The Attention Of your Target Market

By Showing Up Every Single Day

Frequency is the ability to make your audience feel like they are always seeing your content wherever they go.

It does not mean being everywhere to everyone in the world, but only to those who are the ideal fit for what you do. That could be a small audience of 2,000 people or a larger niche of 20,000.

Frequency is the key to dominating the newsfeed and screen of your audience and making your prospects feel like you’re everywhere.

There are 3 components to Frequency:

  • Consistency
  • Timing
  • Platforms


Frequency is about focusing most of your marketing budget on someone after they become a lead. By becoming a “big fish in a small pond” you erase competition and become the only authority in their life simply because you’re the one who always shows up for them.

Consistency.  We don’t try and show up magically when they’re ready to make a purchase decision. We show up consistently, over the long-term in places like social media, in a way that offers value and builds a relationship.

Timing. Frequency is about showing up at the right time. When someone needs your solution, there you are. Not everyone will be ready for your offer when they first encounter you-- and that's why nurturing is SO important. You need to already be where your audience spends their time when they're finally ready to buy. Which is why the 3rd component of frequency is…

. Finally, you master frequency by being in the right platforms. For many professionals, mastering frequency starts with organic social posting once or twice a day..

"Tyler is a force to be reckoned with. The marketing training he provided me contained some of the most potent and relevant information I’ve ever gleaned from someone. I’ve never met anyone- much less received one-on-one coaching from someone with such a strong acumen for marketing. I knew I would be inundated with a ton of useful information, but I could not have been prepared for the deliberate complexity and intelligent nuances of his processes. Steve Jobs said, ‘We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?’ Tyler is already doing that.

David Shelton
Regional Sales Trainer
‍Guild Mortgage Company
[ Intimacy ]

How to Make Your Audience Feel Deeply Connected

To You And Your Message

Intimacy is all about creating real relationships.

This is crucial when you’re selling high-ticket programs and services. If you’re committed to serving at your highest level and building real life relationships with your audience, you need a high level of vulnerability and Intimacy. It's about illumination, not manipulation.

There are 3 components to Intimacy:

  • Transparency
  • Transformation
  • Tribe


Intimacy is the missing human component in your marketing. People want to do business with other people, and the typical corporate style promotions that smell like bad stock photography will NOT set you apart. When you focus on Intimacy, you create genuine connections with your audience -- which leads to higher sales. Furthermore, when you include Intimacy in your marketing, you’re able to produce the highest level of connection with your clients, prospects and customers.

Transparency. This means you’re being honest with your audience about what’s really going on in your life and business. You’re real. You're authentic. You open up about things, share stories, share pain, and get vulnerable. You allow people see that you’re a human being -- and that just like them... you're not perfect.

Transformation. The world is full of NOISE, and it's easy for your message to be lost in it. We are moving from an information economy, to an implementation economy. Selling with transformation, instead of with manipulation is what separates your message from the pack in a way that affects your bottom line.

When you create a tribe or community, you build a safe space for your audience to network, support each other, and interact with you and your content. Humans have always needed community. Build a tribe that you support and they'll support you in return. Practically speaking, this begins by building an audience or your "network" on social media...

"Tyler is on the cutting edge of technology and marketing trends. He taught me and opened my eyes to the newest strategies for lead generation. Tyler knows what strategies are hot now and what will more than likely come in the future.

Amy freeman
Real Estate Advisor
The K Company Realty
[ relevancy ]

How to Create a Compelling Marketing Message

That Deeply Resonates with Your Ideal Clients

Relevancy is your marketing message and your marketing funnel.

If the key to making a sale is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and place…

Relevancy is ensuring you're serving the right message based on the level of trust they've built with you.

There are 3 components to Relevancy:

  • Audience
  • Offer
  • Message


When these three things are not locked in, you will always struggle to generate leads, make sales, and grow your business.

Your Audience is who you serve, and who you'd like to attract to your business. It's deciding both who you work with, AND who you absolutely will not work with. Having clarity on your audience is often the determining factor of your marketing efficacy. Essentially, it's ensuring that you're identifying and working with only those that resonate with your brand, and who you can deliver results for. Focusing on this will repel those you can't help, and 10x the strength of your positioning for those you CAN help...

Your Offer is what you sell and how you differentiate yourself from the competition. To craft a compelling offer that your leads want, answer this question: “What is the biggest, most impactful transformation you can provide for someone?” Then ask yourself how you can deliver that transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your Messaging
is how you communicate your offer to your audience. It’s the journey you take your prospect on, to show them what your offer does for them, and how they will benefit if they take you up on it.
Being relevant in your message means aligning your message with your lead's mindset -- whether they're in "discovery mode" or "looking to buy" -- based on the level of trust you've built with them.

"Tyler has been a huge help to my business through his expertise in Internet marketing, and tactics for getting in front of clients in a more impact way. He has also really helped my follow up skills through some very technical programs.

anthony meisner
Sales Manager
Land Title Guarantee Company
[ efficiency ]

How to create the perfect leverage in your business

and produce results on auto pilot

Efficiency is the ability to trade money for time and results. It's the core of any 7-figure business, and is the only way you can achieve results at scale.

If you're relying on hustle and chance for your leads, instead of predictable systems -- implementing the right leverage over your business is exactly what you need.

There are 3 components to Efficiency:

  • Delegation
  • Direction
  • Duplication


What got you here, won't get you there... In today's economy, there is more that needs doing than can possibly be done alone. Managing your digital communication is a full-time job -- and while extremely important, you need to focus your time and energy being belly-to-belly with other people. This is why you need the following components to get to the next level.

Delegation. The first component of Efficiency is Delegation. In order to truly scale and get beyond 6-figures, you must delegate revenue generating activities. This starts with things like social media management, LinkedIn growth, and any other digital advertising that is NECESSARY for your predictable growth, but that you don't need to actually do yourself.

Direction. Once you've taken the plunge and have delegated revenue generating activities to your agency or team -- you must provide appropriate direction. Without clarity on your goals, taste preferences, and style, you won't get the results you're looking for. The key with direction is to provide as much as possible up front so that you can set-it and forget-it moving forward.

My mentor always used to say "If you want to identify a pioneer, look for those with arrows in their back and their face in the mud...".
While it's easy for large corporations to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars piloting the latest and greatest ideas -- this is not a possibility for most entrepreneurs. In order to maximize your marketing spend, you must duplicate the success of others, and be as efficient as possible. This doesn't mean you need to be the same as everyone else... on the contrary, most of your competition aren't duplicating the right behaviors. Instead, you want to take what is ACTUALLY WORKING today, and duplicate those with proven success. By hacking your competition, and the "experts"... you create profitable leverage in your business.

"Tyler is a Rock Star marketing guru! We have significantly benefited from his guidance. From personal coaching to teaching a seminar for our referral partners he consistently has gone above and beyond. Thank you Tyler for all of your help!!!

brian manning
Mortgage Loan Officer
Guild Mortgage
[ connecting the dots ]

How to Attract Clients Who Pay What You’re Worth without relying on hustle and grind

This is what happens when you start implementing F.I.R.E.


When you start using F.I.R.E., you start attracting the right people, who are happy to pay what you’re worth, who are solidly connected to you and your mission -- without having added more to your plate.

When you're both frequent and intimate, you're able to build the perfect connection.

When you're both intimate and relevant, you can attract the perfect client.

When you're relevant and efficient, you can charge the perfect price.

And when you're efficient and frequent, you're able to create the perfect leverage over your life and business.

For sales and service professionals, this is crucial. The key to becoming and staying profitable is charging the right price for your offer, and focusing only on the people who can get massive results from your offer. When you start this process and go deeper with the F.I.R.E. Formula for sales professionals...

...the combined power of these
four elements is overwhelming.

Something incredible happens.

It’s called...

[ The ignition effect ]

How to Monetize Your Audience and Unleash an Explosion of Growth In Your Business


The first thing that happens when the Ignition Effect starts to take over is you realize how much wealth is available in your existing audience and network…

...and as you unlock your ability to truly serve your prospects and delegate effectively, your influence starts to build...

When your marketing efforts have the right frequency, the right intimacy, the right relevancy, and the right efficiency -- you're able to stop relying on hustle and chance, and instead can build a predictable lead generating and lead nurturing system.

With every element in place, The ignition Effect Starts Taking Over

You start a chain reaction.
Ignition is drawn from a chemical phenomenon called "combustion" -- which is a chemical process involving many steps that depend on factors such as "light", "heat", and "sparks".

The combustion spreads from the ignition source to the adjacent layer of gas mixture; in turn, each point of the burning layer serves as an ignition source for the next adjacent layer, and so on -- causing a chain reaction.

When the F.I.R.E. Formula creates The Ignition Effect in your business, we're harnessing Nature's blueprint for massive growth. This self-sustaining chain reaction grows the 3 Currencies of Business:

You grow a bigger, more engaged, and more powerful Audience. You get more social proof because of the size of your audience. You have a larger platform to get your message out. When you need to make sales, you have a captive list of people who know, like, and trust you. And, you’re able to ascend your communication by being omni-channel.
You make more sales and generate more Revenue. You are able to effortlessly close deals because your audience feels like they know you. They've been watching you and learning from you long before getting on the phone with you. And since you can charge the Perfect Price, you’re able to create cashflow that allows you to both grow and take profit out of the business.
You create deeper, more meaningful Relationships. 1-on-1 Relationships are deeper than those with your audience members. And when you have a growing business and audience behind you, you get access to better, more profitable partnerships. Your network then becomes the pillar for your growth as referrals and repeat business begin taking effect.

Simply put, this is what online marketing has completely overlooked.
And this is what’s going to help you build a foundation for 7-figures and beyond that, for a multi-7 figure business...
And make you the #1 go-to expert in your niche.

Want to implement The F.I.R.E. Formula?
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There are 2 types of Entrepreneurs

My Team And I work with


Those who find the value of social media to be self evident, and want to expand their brand reach...


Those who want implement a social media strategy that actually works for driving sales.


So if you want to explore
implementing the F.i.r.e. formula
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What if instead instead of having a more stressful business, you could instead see a continual increase in:

The number of targeted people who know who you are & the result(s) you deliver…
The number of inbound conversations with qualified leads that are reaching out to you...
The number of aligned opportunities with partners who you used to only be able to dream of working with...

Well….this is exactly what happens when you implement The F.I.R.E. Formula into your business.

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How to Harness the Power of The F.I.R.E. Formula, To Develop Predictable social Content that Creates Powerful Leverage In Your Business
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